Friday, March 27, 2009

POC : Peggy Sue Dress

Deirdre :
Our friend Viktoria Brandenburg, of VvB, bought one of these fun polka-dot summer dresses, and we just had to invite her to the shoot.

She's a huge fifties fan, and actually looks like a movie star of the era.. black and white skin and all ;)

It's wonderful to be able to show you two different versions of the dress. It's available in all the fun POC latex colors, but somehow black and white seems traditional - but don't let me stop you from getting the yellow ;)

lelo : Well we are skipping spring and moving right into summer time.

The dress is based on the petticoated skirt we featured last week, but the POC designers added quite a few accessories to it to make this great outfit.

In the nicely crafted box, you find two versions of the cloth-layer top : halter-top and strapless. Both versions are available as bra, shirt and jacket layers.

Kai managed to match the colours of the cloth and prim layers perfectly.

The prim skirt has all the options of the one we covered last week and is a joy to watch while walking.

The lacy gloves give it a 50's look, and the hat, which fitted my hair with a minimum of adjustment, finishes the summer look.

Sadly the boots aren't included in the outfit, but were a nice gift from Viktoria.

The dress comes with the patented POC shine, so don't wait for summer, get yours now.

Name : Powers of Creation
Owner : Kai Heideman, Thoto Beerbaum


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