Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Messmerize : Fur Collar and Cuffs

A fur collar is not something you see every day. Fur-lined handcuffs, maybe...

Rolland Messmer is a young and energetic designer. His fur collar is already popular with the furry crowd, and he's quite enthusiastic about design... We can probably expect good, inexpensive poses from him soon - he just laid hands on QAvimator ;)

Everything he makes is mod copy no trans. This is a bit different from most collars, which are generally expected to be given by the dominant to the submissive. He encourages his clients to modify his items, and to take safety copies beforehand.

Gifts are handled by a clever card system - refillable, reusable, givable. As he says, "give the gift of bondage!"

Don't hesitate to drop by and say hello, he's quite friendly.

First of all a small warning with this collar and these cuffs, you'll spend ages playing with the color settings for them, there are 70 colors to choose from and 3 items to color per cuff/collar.

I guess that's what you get when a fashion designer gets hold of the open collar scripts, loads of fashionable options. You'll find his fashion collection in his store as well.

As fun as that is, there is a small drawback and hopefully something Rolland might solve in a future edition, the set doesn't communicate, so you have to set the colors for each one separately.

The collar has the 3.101 version of the open collar script with all the usual options we have come to expect from it.

Sadly the cuffs don't have any scripting except for the color and texture changes, they do contain the lockguard script so they will chain to your favorite toys.

It's a different look from our usual leather and latex, but as fur and rubber is a dangerous combination i better get back my usual collar. *smiles*

Name : Messmerize
Owner : Rolland Messmer


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