Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Unique Needs : Uniform Cap

Found this lovely cap with my usual method of shopping : saw someone wearing it, asked who made it, ran to the store and snagged one for myself ;)

This is the first cap I see that looks good to me. We've seen quite a few that looked "off" for some reason : too big, wrong shape, the front too pointy... well, this one's just right.

Hats that really work are pretty rare in Second Life. Either you see something that's meant to be part of a costume, for which you make allowances, or they're too big, too small.. and you can't attach them to the head, the hair is there.

The cap is "worn" on my chin, my spiked collar is on my nose.. and no kidding, if I want to wear shades with this combination, they have to be attached to my mouth.

Clothing in general is not easy, is the conclusion I'm slowly reaching, I guess.

The exact name of the item at Unique Needs! is "Black Latex BDSM Hat". It is sold by itself, or as part of an outfit.

You just have to love the way this hat looks and what it does to your overall look.

It takes a while to fit it just right, especially getting your hair to fit takes a bit of time and a good pose stand.

Rumor has it that Ann can replace the BDSM symbol with your initials, but we didn't ask, as we like the look.

Another piece of the perfect Domme's outfit falls in place.

Name : Unique Needs!
Owner : Ann Otoole


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  1. Thank you for the kind compliments.
    The slurl given is to the Lumeire Mall outlet. The main store with a much larger selection is at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Kali%20Isle/183/124/22 and I hope you will visit sometime. I am always wanting to improve the store so all feedback is appreciated. Keep up the good work. Adding to my blogroll.