Thursday, March 19, 2009

Other Blogs : Jaydana Thorne

The blog :

Her intro :
"Since Im not going to go into real life - in Second Life, I am at times, quiet, shy and reserved, at other times, lively, fun and outgoing. Part time model (prefer fetish but will do mainstream couture too) and keen ponygirl trainer - also a ponygirl and anything else that seems interesting - have probably got an outfit for every occasion, more than one for some. And toys to go with it."

Jaydana is a neat fetish lady, pony play enthusiast, and a next-door neighbor of ours. Small metaverse... but as they say, I wouldn't want to have to clean it.

Her blog covers a variety of interests, and gives a good peek into her Second Life. Jaydana is also creative in-world : I look forward to a demonstration of her blindfolded pony HUD.

A candid look into some neat fetishes, and a fun read.

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