Friday, March 20, 2009

WarDooM Shoes : Gina red

Another lovely pair of detailed prim fetish boots from WarDooM, in bright red with contrasting steel heel.

The reflections are absolutely terrific on these, it makes the red come out quite vividly.

lelo has become a total WarDooM fan : she lives in her thigh-high ballet boots.

I'd be concerned she was wearing them out if they weren't virtual.

First thing you notice when you see them are the nicely sculpted belts on the shaft of the boots.

The four top belts have great-looking buckles. i just love how the designer combined a nice leather texture with metal spikes and plates.

The stitching on the belts could use a bit more detail but it works as it is.

The laces look very realistic, i don't think i ever saw a texture on laces like this.

The foot shape has a good look and the nice steel heels finish the look.

With the bag you also get a pair of ankle boots, just be careful not to wear them with the knee-high boots or you'll see double. *smiles*

On a practical note, these boots feel like they have been tailor-made for me : no adjustment needed, thanks to a fairly large invisi-prim around the calf.

A final note: i hope Tanja will have some time to work on the new ballet boots she is making at the moment, i saw the first prototypes she was working on and they look great.

Name : WarDooM Shoes
Owner : WarDooM Voom


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