Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Addictions : 50s Dress

Deirdre :
A thoroughly authentic fifties dress by a true fashion lover - well, with the minor detail of being made of latex.

The pillbox hat and veil look really good. The veil fights with my bangs from some angles, but that's a Second Life bug, nothing a designer can do.

The red belt is a great touch, and I've lowered the peplum skirt a bit since the pictures - my long legs ;) Speaking of which, the shoes are included, this is a full outfit.

This is a simple dress with lots of detail; the slit skirt is a nice touch. And although Marijane recently spent a lot of hours learning new software, I think the highlights on the dress look fine.

We'll just wait and see how much better the new clothes are - no pressure, eh Mari?

lelo :
A new designer we heard about from Victoria Brandenburg, or better were reminded about.

Addictions must have been one of the first latex shops we found in SL, but somehow we lost it over time.

We had a short chat with the designer/owner Marijane and she told us she will be upgrading her latex in the coming time.

Especially the shine will be improved, so stay tuned to these pages, as she promised us a first look.

Finally i want to point out her low price policy, give the place a look you won't be disappointed.

Name : Addictions
Owner : Marijane Greene

Deirdre lelo
Quality 8
Price 9
Service 9
Store 8

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