Thursday, April 9, 2009

KaS : Chastity Belt

Deirdre :
Another realistic and detailed bondage toy from KaS. I think the catalog is short because Salid spends a really long time on each item... that's my theory ;)

A cool little leash attaches to the ring in front of the belt, and the keyholder menu Options, Give Tools, gave me a folder with two leash holders (left and right hand) and a post, as well as a script to put in items to turn them into posts, cleverly called a PostScript.

Good scripting, great looking items. I'd say you can't go wrong here. Tell Salid you saw lelo wearing one of her items, which is a regular - if not daily - thing.

lelo :
Here our third item from KaS, the chastity belt, sadly for now the last item from Salid as she only sells these 3 items, i hope she will add something new soon.

The chastity belt goes great with both the corsets as it has the same color options and look.

The little key in the lock is a great touch.

Next to the lock and leash options the chastity belt works with sensations and Xcite! genitals, chastising them.

It offers 3 looks: belt only, chastity belt and strap-on. Making your slave useful or making it a nice accessory for the Domme that want a nice belt with an extra option. *winks*

Like the neck corset and the waist corset the belt has the lock pick option for emergencies as well as the anyleash option making every prim close by a leash point.

The fitting of the belt is quick and easy, something that can't be said for most belts in SL.

The build in vibrator can be used to stimulate the wearer but when locked they can't orgasm.

A great addition for every bondage bunny outfit, looks good and has some great scripting.

Name : KaS
The owner : Salid Sewell

Deirdre lelo
Quality 9 9
Price 8 8
Service 8 8
Store 7 7

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