Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Addictions - Nak

Another great outfit from Addictions.. a very hot uniform. Chauffeur or military? You decide.

The cap fits amazingly well, I had zero trouble positioning it. The size is made for prim hair - note that it won't resize any smaller.

The tie and prim collar are a little bit more challenging, but with a bit of patience you'll be rewarded with awesome prim good looks.

Pants : terrific, very authentic look. Boots : unusual design, the upper looks very thick.. almost like tall spats.

Multiple layer versions of the shirt and pants, and the outfit is available in six different colors.

The price is quite low for this prim-full outfit. If you're feeling lucky, Mari has one Lucky Chair and two MobVend vendors at the store... do drop by.

No Mistress hasn't started a new job as a limo driver. *smiles*

I'm sure i'm going to pay for that remark but i just couldn't resist it.

Still this is something you don't see everyday even in SL, and i don't mean that in a bad way.

I'm not sure if i can get used to the look of the jodphurs, though they really work with this outfit's theme.

Marijane again amazes me with her original ideas for new outfits, keep up the good work.

Name : Addictions
Owner : Marijane Greene

Deirdre lelo
Quality 8
Price 9
Service 9
Store 8

PS : I was wearing the "pants layer" version of the pants, which stuck out through the boots. New closeup pic shows the boots better, and Marijane pointed out that the cap contains a resize script which lets you shrink the cap more than "Edit, Stretch" does. Thanks Mari.. my bad!

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