Thursday, April 30, 2009

Say No To Adult Content Segregation

I just received a link to a page on the Second Life issue tracker :

RichD Tomsen is requesting that Linden Labs discontinue the entire plan for Adult Content segregation, which would require any adult business on the mainland to be moved to a "red light district".

We agree with Rich that most residents don't care, and the ones who do are the ones who need a G-rated area.

This solution disturbs fewer people. It is simpler. It has fewer calories ;)

lelo and I are standing in a pony play area.

"Ponygirl" is on the list of words that are now flagged as adult.

As a demonstration of how censorship works, the list of those words which was on the Wiki page has now been removed.

I ask you to vote on this critical issue.

You will need to login with your Second Life name and password, then click Voting.

Petitions work. If hundreds of thousands of paying customers tell a business something.. they may listen.

Tell your friends. Tell them to tell their friends.

The link again :

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  1. Just to delve a little deeper into how ridiculous this whole thing is, if you look further at the "Adult" words you will see that "Ponyplay" is now "Adult" but curiously, "Ponyboy" is not.

    While I appreciate that I am not considered unfit for polite society, I cannot figure out how any of this is being decided except arbitarily and capriciously. Oh yes, and to add further to the confusion, a Sim that supports pony play is only rated Adult if it engages in actual sex. So the search terms are Adult, but the activities related to those terms are not.

    Can someone make any sort of rational sense out of any of this?