Thursday, April 2, 2009

KaS : NeckCorset

Deirdre :
A solid-looking and realistic bondage item from KaS.

The shine and color look just fantastic, I love the little locks, the lacing, the chin bar...

This is a great toy, and lelo looks awesome with it : it matches her whole wardrobe ;)

I'll let her describe it in detail.

lelo :
It is high time we did a review of this lovely neck corset, we already did the corset a while back.

Just like the corset it's a real work of art, the lacing on the back looks great.

The metal bar that holds the chin up shows just how much time Salid has put into the design of this one.

As expected, the scripting is excellent and i'll just cover a few of the many options.

Next to the usual RLV options, owner, locking and color settings, you will find the anyleash option which gives you the option to leash the corset to any prim close by.

Another thing i like about the corset is the fact that my collar fits over it and looks great that way. *smiles*

The corset comes with a working lock pick, in case you really need to get out of it, and a spare corset in a box for inventory emergencies.

Salid even build in a special version for when you are gagged, just click the menu button and your corset allows your mouth to open for the gag.

A wonderfull bondage toy and it goes great with the corset... something every bondage doll should own.

Name : KaS
The owner : Salid Sewell


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