Thursday, April 23, 2009

KL Kiki - BettyBoop

Deirdre :
We keep finding wonderful new stores, and there seems to be no end in sight to that particular aspect of Second Life.

KL Kiki have an impressive assortment of toys, aside from the excellent variety of ballet boots.

The Betty Boop model looks really good - the designer visibly understands that you can't make every part of a boot solid black ;)

Excellent design, great texture, cool little details like locks, rings, laces.. lelo loved them on sight.

Do drop by the store and have a peek. They have live models under glass, and an unpacking area for your purchases, for when you can't wait to get home.

And as a little bonus, here's some ballet boot humor - how often do you see that?

As you might know by now, i do love to wear ballet-boots, so we are always looking for good ballets.

And there is absolutely no shortage of ballet-boots in SL lately.

When i had just started you had a choice of the Gigi's and the fairlights and for me the fairlights are still the boots to beat in SL.

Well i think Kristina has just done that, they look great, fit well and the thing i truly like it the square toe-box, which makes them really walkable.

Only little drawback is the lack of scripting in them, no lock option or other goodies, but we can always hope *smiles*

You can still lock them with the use of RLV and the right relay, and you can't beat the look of the lacing on these boots.

Name: KL Kiki
Owner: Kristina Deschanel
The NEW SLURL (per 16 September 2009):

Deirdre lelo
Quality 8
Price 7
Service 8
Store 8

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