Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Brushed Reality - Alien Leather

Deirdre :
A really original catsuit from Brushed Reality, this leather texture zoomed way in gives a really interesting effect, even from a good distance.

When you buy one of Lis's catsuits, you get a seriously full box : 17 items, making three different catsuits (closed, cleavage, or fully open) in every conceivable layer you'll need to mix and match with other items of clothing.

I actually had to sit and make sub-folders to avoid wearing the cleavage top as a bra, and shirt, and jacket ;)

She has these catsuits in eight different colors, and the price is very good.

Wear it as underwear and pile on the accessories!

Here is a great product from an old friend of ours, an alien leather catsuit, and the texture really is alien. *smiles*

Her style is quite sexy, with a good eye for detail.

Next to these great catsuits she is offering, latex skins, nice lingerie, see through catsuits, eyes and jewelry.

Have a look at her super-heroine outfits, they are fun and full of nice details.

Give her shop a look she offers a couple of free demo's, though her low, low prices makes then hardly necessary.

Name: Brushed Reality
Owner: Lisbeth Cohen

Deirdre lelo
Quality 8
Price 9
Service 9
Store 8

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