Friday, April 10, 2009

Other Blogs : Jewell's Diary and On Your Toes

The blog :

The blog mostly covers Jewells fetish of being turned into a piece of furniture and becoming a maid in SL.

It is only a few months old, but already showing promise, hope she can keep it up.

Jewell is a really active new resident : she's already making clothes and Restrained Life toys, and has only been in world a short while.

See, all newbies *don't* immediately rush to Twisted Orchid after getting a prim penis. It just *feels* that way sometimes ;)

Good luck in Second Life, Jewell.

From Jewell's intro :
"39 y.o., happily single, eccentric, rather shy... Truly submissive in my inner self, I am excited by the idea of being turned into an useful object. So become a piece of furniture, a blow-up doll, a mannequin, being mummified, put on display or used is appealing me a lot. I enjoy love bondage, while pain scares me very much. I am a bisexual girl, but prefer women over men. My avatar name is Jewell Monigal."

A second blog this week.. we're spoiling you ;)

The blog :

You know how much we love sexy shoes and boots here at SLFF, so finding a blog devoted to nothing else is pretty cool.

It's not all crotch-high laceup leather boots with five inch heels, but as we said before, everything is a fetish for someone somewhere.

Authors Anessa Stine and Graciana McMillan are pretty active with 49 posts this year, and they have been active since 2007.

From their intro:
"It's all About the Shoes"
"On Your Toes is a blog dedicated to featuring what we think is some of the best designs SL has to offer prim feet! If you would like us to take a look at your product, please IM Graciana McMillan in world or email graci.mac[AT]"

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