Friday, April 17, 2009

Other Blogs : Yora Vig

The blog:

This is a correction to an odd mistake. We had Yora's blog in our links way back, but when we changed the way we list other blogs, we accidentally dropped her out of our list.

She's an old friend and her blog is definitely worth a look!

From her intro:

"I'm 29 single and currently in school learning how to program videogames. I've always been a bit shy, but SL has realy let me come out of my shell. I tend not to IM or use chat rooms, with the exception being SL.

I love the idea of being turned into an object and being used by someone. Dolly transformations, especially turning into a blow-up doll, particularly appeal to me.

Being turned into a mannequin is another fantasy. The idea of being posed by someone else, dressed up any way they want, and put up for display for the world to see just seems wonderful.

Others on my long list of fantasies include robot transformations, mind control and hypnosis, food transformations, body manipulation (Being warped, twisted, folded or reshapped), forniphilia (Being turned into a piece of furniture), puppygirls, sticky/glue encasement, being encase/entombed, vacbeds, and mummification."

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