Monday, April 20, 2009

Kayliwulf Kingdom : Bad Luck

Deirdre :
First, this is our 150th post! Yay us! ;)

Introducing Bad Luck, the new Catwoman outfit from Kayliwulf Kingdom. This is a 16-piece outfit, including the excellent heels #4, the new prim hood, cute ears, whiskers and tail.

The prim hood is great, and will fit 90% of head shapes in Second Life. For the other 10% (me included), Lazarus tells me the mask fits the Kayliwulf LatexDoll shape, which will be included when you buy the hood by itself.

The hood has the "percentage resize" menu which is apparently all the rage with prim designers lately.. I like it!

And since we're talking about black cats, here's a little reminder that they are timeless.

Here kitty, kitty... *giggles*

We're slowly building up our collection of comic book heroines, but we are still waiting for Wonder Woman.

I don't think Catwoman was ever meant to be *this* sexy, but hey this is Kayliwulf.

This outfit comes with another of the new prim masks, take your time (and a good pose stand) to fit the mask right.

The cut out in front is rather revealing so Laz added a couple of pasties to cover things up, a bit....

The whiskers are a cute extra as is the tail, which could use a little animation..

Well, I'm off to find some milk and a nice window sill to take a nap.

Name: Kayliwulf Kingdom
Owner: Lazarus Luan & Daphne Goodnight


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