Friday, May 1, 2009

Acid and Mala - Black Leather Jacket

Summer's around the corner, time for leather goddesses to get back on their bikes. So I needed a new jacket, and lo! I found a really amazing one at A&M.

It's quite cheap for the amount of stuff you get : there are no less than 19 parts when you receive it!

Once again, I had to make folders in the folder. Putting this thing on right is quite an operation ;)

There are really three jackets in here : sleeves down (called the Basic), sleeves rolled up, or sleeves off, for a vest look.

For all three versions, there's a different clothing layer (sleeve length has to vary, regardless of prims) in jacket and shirt layers.

On Basic and Rolled sleeves, there are versions with and without pockets.

Shoulder straps can be worn with all three versions, but look a bit out of place on the sleeveless vest.

And if that's not enough, the collar can be worn up or down.

The excellent resizer script is included, and as a friend was kind enough to give me the free one, I'll start sticking it in things and testing it very soon :)

By the way : make sure you choose "All Prims" and not just "This Prim" unless you're resizing a specific part of a prim : I chose "This Prim" on the collar, and the snaps stayed behind ;) Easily fixed, fortunately!

Mistress just loves her leather jackets, and i agree she looks wonderful in them.

We saw the jacket at our favorite hangout, Twisted Orchid, and Mistress just needed to get it.

The thing that struck me was the way she managed to get the prim texture so close to the clothes layer.

And talking about the texture, it's one of the best leather textures i've seen to date.

The store has a fun look even or maybe because of the low ceiling.

All in all the perfect gift for a leather goddess.

Name : Acid & Mala creations
Owner : Mala Oh


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