Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ashpodele - Inflatable Gag

A lovely pump-gag from Ashpodele.. we haven't seen too many of those around, which is a pity cause they're really fun.

Psht, psht, psht! ;) Lovely realistic sound when you inflate the bladder, and fun gagged moans when you click the rest of the gag.

The release wheel also makes a fun sound. This is a really lovely toy, and I can't wait to show it off to one of our friends in particular.

I think lelo will have a sore jaw before I get bored with this toy.


Toy corner time again *smiles*

For a change it was me who saw this one and wanted to have it.

Ashpodele was new to me but i was utterly amazed at the different gags they offer, including a pretty nice freebie.

This gag is quite amazing, the prim work is good and texturing is of a high quality, but it's the scripting that makes these gags stand out.

It has the usual owner/(time)lock and RLV options, but the fun is in the sounds this gag makes.

First touching the pump makes it work and you hear it pumping, touch the wheel and you hear the air escaping.

When you talk (on channel 3) your speech is twisted like you moan into the gag and you hear some gagged speech.

Another nice feature is that your mouth opens more when the gag is inflated, very realistic.

The shop has a nice clean layout and they also sell some lovely balletboots *smiles*

Name : Ashpodele
Owner : mrazkova Jansma, Mia Rang and Pencilsky Germi


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