Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dari's Haus Closes

We interviewed Darien Caldwell recently.

She is now concerned enough about the coming changes to adult content and privacy in Second Life that she is closing her store.

I encourage you to read the details on her site, but basically, Linden Labs is responding to US government pressure.

We are apparently expected to give up a large portion of our privacy because the American Congress is concerned that parents aren’t preventing their children from engaging in pretend sex in a 3D game.

Darien is the first designer we hear about who is taking this step. We sincerely wish her well, and respect her decision.

In a gesture of admirable generosity, she is releasing her creations in the public domain.

You can find the box with her collection at

Here is the link to the article on Congress's involvement in Linden Lab's policies.

And here is an article on the congressman seeking re-election who started the trouble.

Deirdre and lelo.

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