Tuesday, May 5, 2009

League - Sinaed Boots

Another pair of fashion boots.. what can I say? Fashion is one of my fetishes ;)

They fit nearly perfectly out of the box, and a few clicks of the menu's "smaller" button made them as tight as my Redgrave boots.

The texture is good, and the details (zipper, ankle straps) are impeccable. Good heel height, not extreme.

The menu gives the option to change heel, buckle and zipper (independently of each other) to bronze, silver and gold colors.

Price was very, very reasonable. I've frequently paid more for less.

The store is lovely, very clean and simple layout. You won't have any trouble finding things. And we'll definitely go back - I saw some really hot leather pants... ;)

This is one of those, "ohh.. i love those boots, got to have them...now!!!"

But that's not where this story ends.. we found the store, which had just moved it seems...

And found a store with the most amazing fashion wear, takes a bit to rezz but it's worth it.

On closer inspection we even found better boots, as the pair we had seen.

Be careful when visiting, you might get greedy and spend more than you would like.

Still it will be more than worth it, great texturing, good prim work and wonderful designs.

Name : League
Owner : Nena Janus

Deirdre lelo
Quality 99
Price 8 8
Service 8 -
Store 8 7

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