Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rubber Kittens - Frilly Maid

This is not a recent outfit, but it is a lot of fun if you're into heavy rubber.

There's a lot of white latex frills, apron and petticoats. A good mix of black and white, and good details on the cloth layer like harness straps joined by a O ring at the back.

The "lenses" on the eye holes of the hood give a distinctive look. If you're into objectification, this is definitely for you.

An attractive and practical outfit for the maid who wants every inch of skin covered when she works.

PS : Make sure you have a look at the Rubber Kittens blog !

Now here is a way to make your doll useful, a nice rubber maids outfit.

Rubber Kittens offers a complete outfit, including everything you need including shape and skin, great for when you just start out.

The prim parts are aligned to the include shape but with a little bit of work you can adjust it to fit your own shape.

The underwear layer comes in a covered for PG and transparent version for Adult play.

I like the rubber lips gag, which could use a simple gag script, but i'm unsure what to think about the goggles.

I would suggest adding some better boots to the outfit, but the included boots work with the theme.

The store offers a nice Hypnotron for it's customers to use, funnily there are only bimbo scripts in it, not a nice rubberdoll one, still a very nice gesture.

I better get back to dusting our condo or i'm in for a spanking......hmmmm... *winks*

Name : Rubber Kittens
Owner : Luxette Maximus

Deirdre lelo
Quality 8 8
Price 7 7
Service - -
Store 8 8

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