Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bhadra's Fetish Shoes and Toys - Mistress Ballet Boots

lelo never gets tired of ballet boots, and we keep finding cool new pairs to show you.

These are from Bhadra's, and are called Mistress ballet boots, although you would generally not get me in these for all the tea in China.

Great lacing, straps, locks, and a good shine. They fit lelo's long legs just barely, and may break on larger calves.

The store is a cool little skybox done in Japanese shoji panels, and has a great system that rezzes the items when you touch the wall pictures - definitely worth a visit.

These boots have a great toe-box, nice and square just like they should be, classic pointe shoe look.

They work just like the SL classic's from Fairlight, just click and lock, though as an extra you can insert your owners name into a little notecard for the script.

When locked, the boots are enclosed by 3 belts which are locked with little locks.

You'll have to tinker with the boots to get them to fit just right, but all parts are full mod so you can adjust them to your heart's content.

But be careful, you can't make a security copy of them first, though at these prices it isn't the end of the world.

Name : Bhadra's Fetish Shoes & Toys
Owner : Bhadragura Rodenberger


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  1. Hmmmmmmmmm i was wondering Dierdre...how about all the tea in China AND India!? *giggles*