Wednesday, June 17, 2009

AtaMe - Marie Antoinette Black

Introducing Marie-Antoinette, by AtaMe. Milu is a new designer, and we were pleasantly surprised when we visited the store : good fetish fashions, and the work will only keep improving, I think :)

There is a very friendly dance club above the store, and I think we might start visiting it regularly.

I love to people-watch, and the crowd there was really well dressed when we dropped in.

So, about the outfit : good latex lingerie with fun rows of buttons as highlights, and a hoop skirt and big poofy cloth layer skirt to wear over it.

The result is pretty darn authentic-looking to me.

Drop in to the store, meet cool friendly fetish folks, and see the designs.. you won't regret it.

We ran into Milu at our favorite hang out, Twisted Orchid, and Mistress got talking to her, fashion of course. *smiles*

One thing led to another and before we knew it we were looking at Milu's shop.

She started with tattoo's and moved into clothing later on, her latest thing is Kink a brand new club on the second level of her shop.

The one thing that stuck in my mind were the khaki and powder blue she uses for a couple of her outfits, very unique colors in SL.

Give the shop and club a look, both look very promising.... i think we have another hang out.. now let's talk about some good snuggle poses.. *winks*

Name : AtaMe
Owner : Milu Laval
The NEW (august 30, 2009) SLURL :


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