Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bhadra's Fetish Shoes and Toys - Non Stop Chastity Belt Set

A good-looking chastity belt and a bunch of cool accessories, this is the "Non Stop Chastity Belt Set" from Bhadra.

The belt has a nice metal finish, the little locks look quite authentic. The black leather part of the crotch strap tends to fade against a black outfit, so we have lelo in red for contrast.

The bra looks good, if perhaps a touch plain. The thigh cuffs look very good, like leather reinforced by an external metal strip.

This is kit that looks no-nonsense, as chastity wear should.

The belt is the main part, and control center, the bra and the thigh cuffs are inexpensive add on's, which are sold separately.

The belt is easy to fit, as are the thigh cuffs, the bra takes a bit more work when you are well endowed like me.

The system is controlled with the belt, you have to enter your owner, prefix and channel in a note-card in the belt itself.

All other options, and there are many, work with a good menu system, which has two levels, the first are the play options and the second (settings) contains the less used options.

The play options include: metal or rubber pump up plugs, some nasty clamps and the pussy controls, a pussy that is included in the set and shows when you hide the belt.

The play options will keep you busy for days if not weeks or months, the sounds are great and the chat massages, which you can turn off, are quite embarrassing at times, in case some of you enjoy something like that. *winks*

I don't think i've said this in a while, but this is a must have toy... *smiles*

By the way, the set goes great with the WarDoom Fetish-S in chrome as shown here.

Name : Bhadra's Fetish Shoes & Toys
Owner : Bhadragura Rodenberger

Deirdre lelo
Quality 7
Price 8
Service 7
Store 7

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