Thursday, June 4, 2009

B-Squared - Buckled Corset Blue-Black

We found this cool freebie at the TMS shopping mall, picked it up for pictures, and when we went back to check the landmark, it was gone.

A quick IM to Bridle Beattie confirmed that it had been a weekend promo that just ended, but she very generously offered to put it up again at her store for our readers.

This is the part I love best about doing this blog :)

So do visit B-Squared's cool store, and pick up this great corset, and make sure to tell Bridle that Deirdre sent you!

Amazing looking cloth-layer corset by B-Squared and the price makes it even better.

The texture is a nicely fitted picture of a real corset, makes for some great buckles on the front and some nice lace on the back.

Sadly the cups are a bit plain, which lets the corset a bit down, but still the quality of the buckles is amazing, best i've seen yet.

So enjoy this freebie and give B-Squared a look, you might end up spending some lindens on her good looking clothes.

Ohh and remember this is only the corset, so better look for something to wear with it... or not.. *winks*

Name : B-Squared
Owner : Bridle Beattie


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  1. Wow that's a cute lil number! Ohhh and the bathing suit is nice too *giggles* Nice sluething Deirdre and Lelo!