Friday, June 26, 2009

Care And Training Of Your Pony

So you have decided to join the ranks of a pony owner or trainer?

Remember that most ponies have spent a small fortune on their tack, and so like to feel that it has been a justified expense.

So, be sure that you compliment the pony on their appearance, and take the time and expense to purchase a few suitable trainer items.

A good set of jodphurs, riding boots and a riding jacket (E Watkins are a good place to look for these together with the Xcite! buggy whip are good additions to any owner or trainer's inventory).

You can even buy latex riding outfits at Latex Desire to mix a few fetishes up together.

If you can't spend all your online time with your pony, find them a stable that provides trainers to help keep her occupied in your absence - it's boring as hell to log in for 3 hours every day and have no contact with anyone while locked in your stall.

Be sure to take the time to learn how to put your pony through dressage, learn cart commands, and how to role-play giving them a bath after rigorous exercise.

Also, reward your pony often with sugar, apple slices, and soft strokes to their mane or face.

Remember that the whip is to be used mostly as a signal device, or simply a prop and not actually used to punish a pony.

A blindfold is a very effective punishment for any pony, though some would argue that being stripped of their tack and made to be a human is also effective.

Most ponies are not so much disobedient as playful and spirited. Be sure to take this into account before punishing your pony

Perhaps instead, you can make then run a slalom 10 times.

Be certain that you allow your pony time to rest, and time to drink water, as heavy exercise can be very demanding on even the best pony.


  1. Hiya girls,

    Again really enjoying the pony blogs, especially when written by people that not only enjoy it but actively participate. Your blog is always the most interesting to watch, simple but really fun and informative with NO drama!

    Can i maybe ask that when the ponyplay stuffs finishes, maybe you can do puppyplay, i can even help! *giggles*

    Keep up the great work and i hate weekends, no blog!

  2. Sure, I have a few puppy items, though have rarely used them,so it might be useful to explore this once we are finished with the pony. It's certainly an option.

  3. Hiya Jaydana,

    Well i was just throwing that in here because i was enjoying the ponyplay articles, and thought that with the Sims offering both pony and puppy it would make a kind of sense and readers would be interested in learning about it. Thanks for responding!