Thursday, January 29, 2009

Latex Desire, Victorian Latex Combo Black

A prim and proper riding outfit from Latex Desire, with quite a few interchangeable pieces in the "combo box" package : two shirts, one pair of pants, two coat tails and a skirt - definitely a recommended buy.

Yes, it's a pity, I had to go peek at the price for you, gentle reader, and it was a gift from lelo.. see what I do for you? ;)

This lovely outfit is zero prim - nothing but clothing layers, intelligently used. This is what I wear for our ponycart rides, with the Minx shoes we covered some time back. The wicked buggy whip is just for show, lelo is the best pony in Second Life.

Oh, do drop by the Latex Desire store, if only to see it.. it's a really fun-shaped skybox.

When i saw this outfit i just had to get it for Mistress, somehow it just shouts "Riding Mistress" to me.

I made the mistake of buying it without checking if it was transferable, which it wasn't.

Luckily Miss Persephone was kind enough to send a second outfit to Mistress after my promise of deleting the one i had - talk about great customer service.

She even went so far as to send it at the moment i requested, just to make the surprise complete.

The latex look is good, but the thing i really like is the lace look of the chest part and the chains keeping the jacket closed.

A must have for any latex loving riding Mistresses. *smiles*

Name : Latex Desire
Owner : Persephone Cordeaux


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