Tuesday, June 23, 2009

KaS - CollarHood

Salid doesn't bring out a new item every week, but when she does make a new one, it's usually pretty impressive.

Such is the case with this new CollarHood. This is how I picture the Man in the Iron Mask from the Three Musketeers!

I like the mesh eyes and mouth cover - the solid ones give the head the look of a statue.

The annoying SL prim zoom bug means that if you zoom in and out, you may see skin or parts of the face, but we're getting used to that... much as we sometimes sputter and swear at the Lindens for certain policies, we do believe they're doing their best.

Fix one bug at a time, Lindens! Don't stop improving the world!

The idea of making a prim hood isn't new, but this one really works and combining it with a collar is sheer genius.

As usual with a KaS product you get a very well scripted toy that looks good and is well thought through.

The hood is easy to adjust with the menu options and you can change the look of the hood, color wise and looks wise.

You can leave the hood open, leave 3 holes, close them with mesh, or fully closed and there is a dolly mouth, which sadly didn't work on my beta version (could have been SL though).

In the coloring options are a good example of Salid's way of working, she made a sub-menu giving you the option of making the hood uni-colored or give every part it's own color.

Colors include the POC colors so you can adjust the hood to match the shiniest latex in SL.

As you would expect the hood has a HUD to blindfold, a gag function, leashing and locking and of course everything is RLV compatible.

So get down to Salid's shop and complete the set, i'm sure you already own the corsets and chastity... be honest... *smiles*

Name : KaS
The owner : Salid Sewell


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  1. Just got one of these myself and well, Miss has me well locked away for who knows how long...

    The prim mask portion is really, really nicely done. It's your face peeking through the eyeholes and the mouth hole. Not some face-substitute. This is one stunningly beautiful and of course startlingly effective hood.

    Multiple gag levels and different mumblers for the gag levels and the dolly mouth are a really nice bonus.