Wednesday, June 24, 2009

SHi Sexy Fashion - Latex Kneehigh Boots V2

Somehow I managed to miss these boots when I got the ultra-long Python boots on our last visit at SHi, so it was a pleasant surprise to see someone wearing them at Bondage Ranch.

These knee boots are gorgeous, and they fit almost perfectly out of the box.

The shine is terrific, and a few cool prim straps and zips and calf chain with an adorable little padlock just make them irresistible.

New readers won't recognize the Alien Leather catsuit and Cipher jacket I'm wearing, so here are the links ;)

Sweel is a dear, we had nothing but excellent and timely assistance from her. The work is amazing, the prices are incredibly low.. seriously, go, and bring a friend ;)

This is another case of see them, buy them... we were kinda surprised they were by our old friend Sweel Honi, she always seems to surprise us.

At the shop we couldn't help sneaking a peek at the giant doll she has locked up in the shop.

We got the second pleasant surprise when we checked the boots they are discounted 40% off, not sure how long this will last so better hurry.

The one thing i really love about these boots is that they are one piece so no odd angled ankles.

Ohh and when you are at the store, checking out the lovely doll, and unable to resist this great offer, don't forget to take this months freebie: some lovely suspenders and stockings.

Name : SHi Sexy Fashion
Owner : Sweel Honi


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