Monday, June 1, 2009

Kayliwulf Kingdom - Dark Lady

We picked a Kayliwulf classic this week : Dark Lady, in the formalwear section - which is definitely worth a look, by the way.

And in fact, lelo looks very good in it. It's a nice change from all the hoods and things.

A timeless design, great for ballroom dancing or any formal affairs... well suited to the well-endowed debutante. ;)

A ten part wedding ensemble in black, must be a goth wedding or for the mother in law. *winks*

Still it's a great outfit for those who are truly hooked on latex and need to attend a formal event.

The dress has a lovely skirt that shows of the latex sheer stockings when moving, but hides all when standing still.

Sadly you can't sit in this skirt, i hope the lindens will fix this one of these days, would be great to get some more natural acting prims.

The Mary Jane shoes have lovely little belts and buckles and a sturdy heel.

The Flex wrist cuffs are a fun addition, and work great in combination with the skirt.

Name : Kayliwulf Kingdom
Owner : Lazarus Luan & Daphne Goodnight

Deirdre lelo
Quality 9 8
Price 8 7
Service 9 8
Store 8 7

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