Friday, May 29, 2009

Pony Gear

You should be prepared to spend up to L$2000 for good quality tack, though you can get starter kits from as little as free, which is my favorite price.

Though if you are a shopping addict like me, don't expect much change out of L$50,000 if you get carried away buying one of everything.

The essential core of a pony's tack should be a bridle, hooves and tail.

A harness is also a good thing to have, and there are some good ones on clothing layers at a reasonable price.

My favorite for all things pony is Morbid Play. While it is not the cheapest store, it is one of the more well-stocked.

Owners or trainers looking for suitable outfits would do well to look around regular horseriding supplies stores.

For example, E. Watkins offer some of the finest jodhpurs, chaps and riding hats I have yet seen, and Hoof it! offer some wonderful grooming accessories.

There are lots of good pony items to buy, from your one-rider racing sulky, to a 4-passenger, 4-pony carriage to saddles, bridles, harnesses, hooves and tails.

Some of these include Restrained Life scripts for further security, restriction or realism. Great for creating lasting bonds with pony and Owner too.

I'll cover RLV in more detail next week.

(Yours truly here, wearing a few bridles to give you an idea of the variety of models)

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