Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mesmerize Dungeon - Ballet Boots

If you like eyelets, you've got a heaping helping in the Mesmerize Dungeon Ballet Boots.

There's very good attention to detail : how often do you see belt loops to hold boot straps in place?

The foot shape is distinctive, and would probably be no fun at all in RL ;)

Loops, D-rings, laces, straps, buckles.. just a zipper missing and there would be more metal than leather making up these boots.

That's ok... silver and black goes with everything.

The look of these boots is quite good, i love the boxy toe box, the belts are very nicely done and i just love the little locks, that show when the boots are locked.

The option to color all the separate parts is great and easy to do with the menu.

But the thing that really makes these boots stand out is the included AO and the training/restriction options.

These boots have the best ballet boot walk AO i've ever seen, and the included poses are nice as well.

The fun starts when you put the boots on and you are asked to choose your training level, this is mandatory.

From that moment on you'll be spending quite some time on the floor, falling to it with a rather convincing thumb.

By the way, the walking and locking sounds are really good as well.

The restrictions you have will slowly get less and less when you get more training in the boots, rumor has it you might even stop falling down in them. *winks*

When you are finished with training, your owner can lock you into one of the restiction levels.

I won't go into the usual RLV and locking option, they are all provided, only thing i can say is when you are serious about ballet boots you must own these.

Name : Mesmerize Dungeon
Owner : Latexina Pinklady


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