Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Squeaky Rubber - FruitLine MultiColor

Another cool and wet item from Squeaky, this is Fruitline Multicolor, shown here in pink and black.

There's a good variety of other color combos, with black on the outside (as shown here) or the color outside, plus a few with dark red instead of black - all quite lovely.

Visit the store and there's a little surprise near the landing zone : one of the colors (not saying which!) at nearly half-price ;)

There are many Second Life fashion blogs, and we only point to the best ones - the ones that point to us ;)

We discovered Shayariel's blog when we noticed a sizeable amount of traffic coming from a link to our post about Dari's Haus closing.

A quick visit showed us a really active blog, with a long list of contributors, and a wide variety of topics, freebies in particular.

Give them a visit and a holler from us ;)

The link :

As with the DOT you get 4 underwear layer parts making up the outfit.

The colored part in the middle of the catsuit makes you stand out in the crowd of mono colored catsuits.

The reflections on in the texture are in all the right places.

The water droplets on the catsuit are a fun feature, there is of course also a dry version of this catsuit.

As before, Elisa does make special orders, contact her before buying though.

Name : Squeaky Rubber
Owner : Elisa Kumaki


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  1. If you are looking to get your blog added to one of the fashion feeds, I would suggest the nocturne fashion feed as it tries to focus on the "non mainstream / alternative" styles in sl Voshie Paine is the administrator for this feed