Friday, June 5, 2009

Ponies and Restrained Life (RLV)

Should the Restrained Life Viewer (RLV) be used with ponies? This is quite a controversial subject, and not just in the pony circles.

Some argue a truly dedicated sub or pony, pet, etc, will not need RLV as they will abide by their restrictions, regardless.

I agree with this, but I feel the extra level of restriction adds to the pony experience, and the RLV functions can even make a scene more fluid.

So I would say that I am a fan of RLV, when used responsibly. In fact, I personally find it invaluable - not just as a pony, or a sub, but as a Domme too.

For example, ponies are generally fitted with a bit, and can't talk in open chat. RLV ensures the pony adheres to this.

And if you are enjoying a cart ride, and one of your friends drop in, why not render your pony deaf against the chat of humans? :)

RLV can also be used to prevent accidental flying when jumping over steeple gates, something I happen to do with annoying frequency.

I use the RLV to rez a cart when someone touches the tail of my pony tack. When the cart has rezzed, I am force-sat to it.

This enables me to remain blindfolded, or in mouselook, or with a HUD in place to prevent any touching, yet still "sit" at a cart to pull it.

I also added my pony tack to the Restrained Life shared folder, which can be accessed by a trainer. This allows them to select which tack to put me in.

What better way to change from human to pony is there than to have someone put your tack on you?

This can also make choosing a different set of hooves or a different tail something the owner or trainer no longer has to rely on the pony to get right.

One word of advice : have at least one trusted person to help a RLV restrained pony in case of emergency when the owner is absent.

That way an owner doesn't come back to find the barn door open and the pony gone ;)

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