Friday, June 19, 2009

Pony Locations

There are many sims catering to pony play : some totally devoted to it, others including facilities as part of a wider general BDSM theme.

Frilly Filly Farm, Foret de Broceliande and Alikat are the ones I know best.

If you do a Mature search in Places on “ponygirl” and "ponyplay", you will get around 66 and 24 hits respectively at the time of writing.

Explore them to get a better idea of just how popular and varied pony play is.

Talk to trainers, and if you are able to, talk with the ponies (in IM, naturally!) After all, it's the ponies that can tell you most about a stable.

Remember that some of the ones you'll find are sex-oriented sims. The serious places won't have the word "sex" in the description.

If the dedicated pony sims seem a little too specialized, there are a number of general BDSM places which have an area for ponies. Again, you may find that to some, a pony is just a different type of sex slave.

If you want some good carting roads, the Linden Road is a good run for a pony, just be patient on sim crossings.

I recommend using Happy Bottom Riding Club (editor's note : the club is gone, but the location is still good, as you can rez a cart there) as your start point, and then follow the Linden Road - it has been paved so you should have no problem finding it.

Remember to be respectful of the sims you will pass through and to keep on the road and not cut through someone else's land.

If you are not feeling so brave, The Island of Questionable Virtues offers superb pony training facilities and paved pathways, as well as some good shopping options for the discerning pony.

You can also join the SL Ponygirls Club for updates on stable meetings, informal get togethers and pre-arranged events.

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