Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hugo's Design - Araya white

This is our first visit to Hugo's Design, and from we saw, it was long overdue.

As it happens, Erik just launched a wagonload of excellent new designs, so it was a great time for a first visit. If only I was this lucky around sploders ;)

To give you a good glimpse at what's coming, here are links to the ads for this release. Definitely worth a peek right now, and we'll do more reviews in coming weeks. Spoiler warning! ;)

Araya : in black, pink, and white
Kitana : body, pants, suit, and top
Net cat and net suit
Star, and star garters & chaps

A word about the store : it's gorgeous! Drop in, and you'll see that good design doesn't stop at clothes ;)

With Araya you get a very sexy outfit with a lot of options, and all layers are included, so you can imagine the size of the box. *smiles*

The base of this outfit is a very good looking latex mesh, which hides just enough to make this outfit "PGish".

The outfit consists of stockings, gloves and a bodysuit which comes in 2 bottom versions and 5 top versions in all the cloth layers.

The options include open and closed top and bottom and the nice under bust belt is an option.

The texture looks very good and the cut is ultra sexy, you'll turn quite some heads in this one. *winks*

The store also has a great web site :

Name : Hugo's design
Owner : Erik Hugo



  1. i cannot believe you only gave Hugo a 8 in quality... their latex is superb, the artwork done when drawing these set very high standards for the former latex leaders from a year ago to meet up to. The edges are clean, the highlights are perfect! I just found them a month or two ago, and I already own a dozen or so outfits :) It is refreshing to see someone striving for perfection in the latex department! (And no i am not in any way affiliated with the store.)

  2. We addressed our rating system here.

    Basically, we won't give a 10 for quality unless God descends from heaven and gives me perfect boots. (lelo giggles)

    "8 is remarkable, above average." I feel that Araya White is that. I'm not saying everything Erik ever made is an 8.