Tuesday, July 21, 2009

DXD - Mistress Corset Boots V2m

Lelo loves the DXD boots a lot. Is it the dagger heels? The spurs? The laces? All of the above, I think.

These are the Mistress Corset Boots. The back is laced, with a very authentic corset-style knot, in the middle of the boot.

When I put them on, I was amazed. They fit like a glove, which nearly never happens to me.

A closer look revealed that while the ankles fit fine, my calves were sticking out a bit.

Fortunately, the entire boot is one piece, and can be Stretched in Edit mode.

Sadly, now that my calves are ok, the ankles aren't as slender as they were.

Out of the (cool, leather-textured!) box, these boots are blacker than black. A menu allows texture and color combinations.

The boots in our pics have the color "white" and the texture "latex" selected. Laces and boot base can also be colored.

Good boots, decent price, spurs. You can't go wrong ;)

Sadly the freebie shoes we wrote about months ago are gone, but Xene's style hasn't changed a bit.

Xene goes her own way, the design of her boots is very industrial with a hint of post apocalyptic, especially in her new rusty line of boots.

The one thing that really is a shame is the total lack of customer service, if she would add that she would be one of the leading designers in SL.

The thing that makes me say this it the fact that we asked her for a comment a couple of times and never got a reply of her and the fact that she seems to have the only right click vendors in SL. :P

All in all a great buy, good shape, good scripting and a good price...

Name : The Dominatrix shop of DXD
Owner : Xene Demina


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