Monday, July 20, 2009

Latex Fetishwear Fashion Week 2009

Hi everyone.. Deirdre and lelo here, with the scoop of the summer!

There's a massive, week-long fetish event being put together even as we speak!

Guess who's going to be official reporter, media coordinator, and second assistant bottle-washer? Read on and find out ;)

Latex Fetishwear Fashion Week 2009, August 9 - 15

The greatest latex designers in SL are coming together for the first time, for a week-long celebration of our love of fetish, fashion and fun!

Join us for what will surely be the fetish event of the summer.

On the menu : custom built stages and shows, professional models, amazing DJs and entertainment, and fabulous parties.

We will hold three fashion shows every day : two by single designers, and one group show, which will be followed by a large afterparty.

The closing event on August 15th will be a huge auction for charity.

Contact information :

Lexie Jansma : Event coordinator for LFFW, has put together shows and events for Extreme Fetishist, SINister, Supreme Fetishist, Twisted Orchid, and SIDHE. She is bringing 2 years experience and enthusiasm to the Latex Fetishwear Fashion Week.

Deirdre Young : media coordinator, is gaining a reputation as a blogger in the SL fetish circles. Her daily blog covers all aspects of Second Life fetish and kink, including latex, femdom, and pony play.

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