Thursday, July 23, 2009

Graves - G102 Boots

Another original pair of boots followed to a store. Don't shop, people-watch. It's a lot faster ;)

These are the G102 boots from Graves, in a very good white, matching their outfits perfectly. They are also available in black and ruby.

There's a couple of cool prim ankle and leg straps included for decoration. To stick to their one attachment point policy on boots, those come right off.

There's a darker white (we call that grey where I'm from) version of the boot, if you want to wear them with something else and the bright version is too much.

The store is beautiful, very clean layout, easy to find things. Don't miss the futuristic reception desk if you visit.

A great boot, a very decent price. Come on, you're probably like me and have way too much black in your wardrobe ;)

Deirdre: Today is a very special day for lelo and me. Two years ago, we met at Desperation Island, and we grew closer over the months, until she asked to marry me. As anniversaries go, wedding days are important, it's true... but we'll never forget the day we met.

lelo: Each and every day i'm amazed at how lucky i am to have found my Deirdre, or better she found me... that's what makes this day so important to us...

Jackie Graves has some very interesting designs in her store, one of which are her boots.

The most amazing part about them is the way the prim color matches the color of the cloth-layer shafts.

First time i've seen a match like this, best thing is that you don't have to adjust the prim shaft and it's a sleek looking one as well, well for most. *winks*

Give the shop a look, her designs are very original and the quality is very good.

Name : Graves
Owner : Jackie Graves


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  1. Hey girls!

    Well first Happy Anniversary to the both of you!

    After i stopped drooling over seeing the latest Deirdre, and whiped the small pool away, i am so going to go looking for those boots. And that catsuit from PoC sure looks yummy as heck!