Friday, July 24, 2009

Tack Essentials : Tails

As with the hooves, there are plenty of options, and a few decisions to make. Again, Morbid Play offer one of my favorite tails, with interactive scripts.

Mesmerise Dungeon offer a tail with training for the size of the plug. You start off with a small one, and after a few hours, can increase the size.

I am currently at 34% after 2 hours and 45 minutess locked in the tail, so it's about 10 hours per level of training. That's 40 hours to go complete it all!

Naturally, these tails come with a few other surprises, which I won't mention just yet.

You can get colourable tails, tails that swish and tails that lock.

Some of the locking tails also include RLV scripts to restrict you further, and naturally these ones are my favourite.

As with most of the other tack, there is no definitive right or wrong choice, you just need to decide what you - or your owner - want from your pony.

My best advice is to make a notepad listing each tail, price and features, to decide which works best for you.

One important thing - if you have a prim harness, or favour a chastity belt, make sure that the tail and your harness/CB do not share the same attachment point. If it does, you will need to relocate one to a different attach place, and edit the tail back to the correct position.

That just about concludes what I consider to be the essentials in tack, and the basics of pony play.

I plan to cover things in a little more depth over the coming weeks, including reviews of pony-related items to be found around Second Life.

So if anyone has any questions, designers want products featured :) or just a pony event coming up - drop me a line and I'll try to work it all in.

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