Thursday, July 2, 2009

Squeaky Rubber - Desire Red

Elisa is pretty productive these days. She just introduced a new line of skins and catsuits, called Desire.

The look is that of a thinner latex, stretched to near transparency in some areas. Very original!

Desire is available in black, blue, green, purple and red.

As ever at Squeaky, custom colors and designs may be requested. No other designers have mentioned this to us - it's a pretty cool option.

The package is generous, and the price is very reasonable. Squeaky is a good store for the budget-conscious latex lover.

Desire comes in 8 versions, including a "normal" skin so your regular skin will match the visible parts under your rubber-skin.

There is a full latex skin for the full rubber dolls, 3 versions with exposed breasts (closed, zippered and open sex).

A covered version with or with-out zipper and a hood only version.

I love the way she outlines the openings with black, makes them stand out more and gives them a bit more depth.

One of the best things about a latex skin is the fact that it leaves you with more room for extra layers for straps and corsets.

Imagine putting your doll collection in your own custom Desire skins.. just a suggestion.. *winks*

Name : Squeaky Rubber
Owner : Elisa Kumaki


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