Friday, July 3, 2009

Tack Essentials : Bridles

Ok, now we are getting into the good stuff. So let's start with my favorite, the pony's bridle.

The bridle is the head harness to which the bit (the bar that goes between the pony's teeth) is fitted.

The reins are also attached to the bit, allowing the pony to be controlled by a gentle tug on the reins in the direction in which they are required to go.

The reins are usually one long strip of leather, looped though the owner or trainer's hands, with the ends attached to the bit.

Obviously, with a bit fitted, the pony will not be able to talk in public chat.

Some bridles also include bilkers, or blinders, which restrict the pony's peripheral vision.

This focuses the pony's attention on what is most important - that which is directly in front of them.

The top photo shows the Morbid Play Evo bridle, the middle one displays the CCP, third is the Mesmerise Dungeon Head Harness and the bottom one is the KDC, modeled by lelo.

One of my favorites still, though sadly, very dated now in terms of scripting, is the KDC bridle.

This is the cheapest of the bridles that seem to be accepted at most of the major pony stables, and has already been reviewed.

Next is the CCP bridle. Again, this is now beginning to suffer from age, but with the added advantages over the KDC bridle of having the blinkers as part of the bridle which really limit the pony's vision by way of a HUD.

It also allows multiple owners and trainers, with an owner having more access to the bridle's functions than given to a trainer.

And there is no need no keep adding your owner back after allowing a trainer access to your bridle, which is a problem with the KDC one.

I have heard whispers that this bridle is being updated, with full RLV (restrained life) compatibility and a few new features, but, as yet, I do not have any details.

Added to this are a multitude of different bits to vary your bridle, as well as the bridle itself being customisable by color changing the straps with just a few menu button touches.

A flexi mane and even a pony no-touch (prevents ponies from touching doors and such) are all part of the package.

Not the cheapest bridle, but at L$650, this is also not the most expensive.

Next, we have the bridle I use almost all of the time I am in tack, the Morbid Play Evo Bridle.

This allows multiple owners and trainers, had a changeable bit scripted into the bridle, texture change reins (leather, rope, chain) blinkers or blindfold, texture change leather straps, a name plate and RLV functionality including the shared folder.

This is my personal favorite bridle of the moment, and is one of the 3 along with the CCP and KDC bridles recommended by most of the main stables.

I plan to feature a more in depth review of this and other bridles later, but wanted to help new ponies pick out their tack.


  1. Here's my vote for the MP Bridle, I'm a big fan of Morbid Play's tack...

  2. I agree, i like the Morbid Bridal, i've also come to like the Mesmerise Harness alot recently, that one might turn out to be my favorite, altho as we know it offers more then just a bit for pony play.

  3. Glad you both are enjoying this feature. I mostly use the Morbid Play bridle, but the MD Head Harness throws up some nice options, and both are in the RLV shared folder for me - so choice is always there.
    Though I still love the different blinker kits available for KDC bridles. The biggest problem I have with the KDc bridle is that you can only have one owner or trainer on it at a time, so you have to keep adding a new owner to it if you have a trainer needing to access the bridle too. And it doesn't have RLV either.