Friday, August 14, 2009

Non Pony Specific Items

This is an often overlooked subject, but I feel it is worth a mention.

There are, naturally, items that can be bought that are not specifically related to ponyplay, yet can be used all the same.

Obviously, riding outfits are one such thing that spring to mind. Riding boots, jodhpurs, or other items of clothing suited to a life on a farm or ranch.

Whips are another such item. A riding crop, most commonly used in general BDSM play, is almost an essential tool for a gentle reminder that a pony is a controlled animal.

But what about the pony?

My favorite item for this is the arm binder. A pony has no need for arms, and, sometimes, hand hooves and arms just get in the way. So why not use an arm binder?

I find the Dari Haus S2 binder works best for this, not least because it is RLV enabled, can be time locked by the pony or a trainer/owner.

This also comes at the best price. Free. Dari Haus will be missed in SL, but her legacy lives on for all to enjoy.

Second Life will not be the same without designers like Dari, who made some amazing items before leaving SL.

Blindfolds also can be used to control a wayward pony, or just for fun with a cart.

Hay bales, and all manor of farm related items, including stables and blacksmiths forges all add to a pony environment.

So remember to expand your searches to at least look at something that doesn't have "ponygirl" or "ponyplay" in the description.

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