Thursday, August 13, 2009

Latex Station - Aeryn Red

We haven't showed all the recent designs from Latex Station, so here's one from the new series : Aeryn, in red.

You'll recognize the corset from prior posts (there's also a red version), but this catsuit features some intricate floral lace in an asymmetrical pattern which is quite striking.

The outfit comes with a mask, which is really a skin, as those things usually are.

The skin under the mask is quite pale, and comes with a gothy makeup.

The mask ends at the neck and the gloves are wrist-length; they are clearly meant to complement the outfit.

While examining the outfit closely - we usually do a fair Sherlock Holmes job on the clothes, dear reader.. getting our facts right! - I noticed that wearing the shirt layer without the undershirt showed breasts in a semi-transparent way. Wearing the undershirt makes the outfit opaque.

lelo:Another good looking catsuit by Chill3 from Latex Station.

The reflections on the texture are amazing, you really have the urge to look for your own reflection in them.

The red really matches the red Bax used in her red patent ankle boots.

Next to the red there is a white, with black lace, and a black, with white lace, version of this outfit.

A great outfit, the lace making it stand out from the crowd, Chill once again proves she goes her own way when it comes to clothes design.

Name : Latex Station
Owner : Chill3 Mills


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