Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Latex Fetishwear Fashion Week : Last Update Before The Event!

Ok folks, this is the last update for the LFFW, since the event is this weekend.

We had new designers come on board, so make sure you check out the information page for the list of shows.

Vain Inc. and Sexy Second ads are already out, and ICON magazine should be out any day.

We sent word to all the bloggers we know, and a few we don't know ;)

Please, tell your friends to tell their friends.. we hope this event will be big, fun, and the first of many.

And since we're just a few days away, I thought a quick interview with the organizer of the event would be à propos :

Deirdre Young: So, Lexie, tell us a bit about yourself.

exie Jansma: I am a fun-loving girl, and I do what I love here, which is planning events.

I previously planned events at several locations including several fetishwear fashion shows, but the Latex Fetishwear Fashion Week is my largest event by far.

I love coming up with themes, decorating, doing custom builds and making things happen that people have not seen before.

It is always nice to hear at the end of the day "That was amazing", "I have never seen anything like that", or "You did all that work for one night?".

I just smile and say yes, and people remember what an awesome event it was.

DY: What motivated you to launch LFFW ?

: It's an old idea of mine. There is hair fair, shoe fair, jewelry fair but no Fetish Fair.

In fact, there does not seem to be many major fetish events.

I was brought on board by a modeling agency to create some fashion week events.

I proposed a fetish event at the time. Unfortunately nothing happened with them, and my idea just stagnated.

So when I began working at Latex Station, I decided now would be a good time.

DY: Anything you wand to add?

LJ: It has been a lot of work of a very talented group of people, so I want to thank them.

The designers have really given a lot of themselves.

I hope that people come to the shows and enjoy their time at the fair.

I want the fetish community to come together because no matter our differences, we are all here in this great big SL together.

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