Wednesday, August 5, 2009

VENDOM - Black Demonic Ninja Commander

This is Vendom's latest design : Black Demonic Ninja Commander. Vendalia tells me more of the Demonic Ninja line will be forthcoming.. as she summons them, I presume ;)

DNC is available in two colors so far: Gold and Silver, and Black and Steel, shown here. The next color is in the works as we speak: Blood Red with dark steel parts.

This is a full outfit, including shape and skin. Basically, start from "Ruth" and wear this, and you're there. All you'll need to add are eyes.

It's also a pretty high prim load outfit : 4308, compared to my usual 1200 (870 of which is my Sirena hair!)

If you're curious to see your own prim load, from the Advanced menu (which you can show with Ctrl-Alt-D if it's not visible), click Rendering, Info Displays, and Avatar Rendering Costs.

This is a wicked, detailed, fun outfit, and even at the regular price, it's a good purchase.

The shape is mod - you'll notice I shrunk the butt a bit - me so vain ;)

Fans of larger breasts will be pleased to hear that a large-breast skin will soon be available, matching Implant Nations' Universal Implants.

Hikari sent us another invite to a Midnight Mania at VENDOM.

Once there, we saw a nice light blue outfit in the Midnight Mania, but the black one in the mob*vend vendor really caught our eye.

mob*vend lowers its price when there are a lot of people around: the more people, the lower the price.

And without even trying we had a almost 50% discount on the outfit, nice way to shop. *smiles*

If you've got the time you can even get a free outfit, you just have to collect all the parts from the lucky chairs.

The one thing i love about this outfit is the interactive tail, which is a *itch to photograph as it won't stay still for a second.

Still clicking and playing with the tail is a fun extra option. *winks*

Owner : Vendalia Foxtrot


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  1. Wow this outfit is really..hawt! I mean it's certainly different from what You girls wear..or even what i wear, being the rubber slut i am, but i totally love it for some reason, what a great find!