Friday, August 7, 2009

Ponygirl - submissive or slave?

I recently attended a very enjoyable discussion at Alikat Stable on this very topic.

So what is a ponygirl, submissive or a slave?

The short answer is, both and neither, depending on the owner or trainer's own personal requirements from the pony, as well as the pony's own expectations.

Naturally, this is just one of those things where there is no right or wrong, no concrete defined answer, and is evolving throughout everyone's own experiences.

So what is the difference between a submissive and a slave? The short answer is, a submissive will be allowed some reservations, limits, the option of a safeword.

A slave has given up all but their own personality to assume that role.

So, a ponygirl? This really depends on the nature of the pony. A pony is a remarkably graceful elegant creature, flighty, graceful. Most ponygirls and boys are too.

Some ponies are 24/7 in their tack, and are owned, and so perhaps, can be most likened to a slave. Some ponies change out of tack and so perhaps have a choice.

These perhaps would be submissives. A ponygirl then, is both. But in donning their tack, the bit, and whinnying instead of talking, they have given up more than just freedom.

To be a true pony, they also give up their humanity. And in this, in my opinion, is a ponygirl or boys true beauty.

So, in conclusion, a ponygirl is a slave, a submissive - but they are more than that too.

Don't believe me? Find out from a pony/owner pairing if the owner chose the pony, or if the pony chose it's owner? My money is on the pony choosing the owner.

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