Thursday, August 6, 2009

Graves - Menace

Here's a nice black leather and spikes outfit from Graves, called simply and suggestively "Menace".

While it's not quite as spiky as Vendom's demons, it's got lovely prim bits here and there, accenting the outfit.

This is another of those multi, multi, multi version outfits.

I'm wearing 8 parts here (over Kcreations' awesome new red leather catsuit), and there are 18 more, including a gas-mask type of thing (with spikes!).

Why so many? Well, each part ( collar, bra, corset, pants top, plus combinations ) is available in jacket, shirt and bra layer.

Throw in prim parts, and a transparent latex catsuit underwear layer, and you see a lot of mix and match possibilities

Excellent, excellent quality. Whether you wear this outfit alone, over something else, or a part here and there, you can't go wrong.

Have a look at this great outfit by Graves, like i told you already when we did the boots a few weeks ago her texturing is amazing.

Just have a look at the breast covers and the way she made the nipples, don't look too close or you'll make Mistress blush. *winks*

The tiny little belts look great and make this one stand out from so many others like it, add the prim parts and you have something special.

I truly like the designs she makes, quite original and like i said the texturing is quite impressive.

Name : Graves
Owner : Jackie Graves


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