Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A - K Designs - Luna Noir Dress

The first time I visited the A&K store, I couldn't find it - I thought I was in a mall.

A closer look showed that all the shops were Adrianna's, and confusion was dispelled ;)

She has a wide variety, and more than a few fetish items, such as Luna Noir, this neat little black (leather?) dress.

The top is quite neat, the folds suggesting leather very nicely. The big floppy boots with chunky heels are not my usual, but eh, change is good, right?

Adrianna feels, as I do, that more items should be transferrable.

We buy something we like, wear it, and our tastes may change, or we see that it might suit someone else better.. but no, can't give it away.

All regularly priced A&K items are transfer, so if you want to make a new citizen's day when you clean out your wardrobe, you know what to do ;)

We first saw A&K at one of the LFFW shows and were interested by their designs.

When we visited the store we were greeted by loads of small shops, each having there own theme/style.

Luna is one of her latest designs, a fun little black dress, complete with boots.

The skirt and boots took a bit of adjusting but the parts can be easily modified. The boots have a resize script, but not the skirt. Well, edit still works. *smiles*

Give the store a look, even if it's only to see the mermaid, or the lucky chairs, the camping for gear, the midnight madness.... ohh and the clothes.. *winks*

Name : A&K Designs
Owner : Adrianna Marquez


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