Thursday, October 8, 2009

Doll Life - The Mannequin

We got a nice call from Bettie Binder, inviting us to have a look at her line of doll bondage toys.

Bettie is a regular reader of the blog, so we headed out to Doll Island, and found her cute little shop.

The basic item from her dolly restraint line is The Mannequin, and that's what we're showing you today.

To quote from the 1300-word notecard :

"The Mannequin features a unique restraint system from Doll Life, that has been designed solely to take all control from you and create a bondage that is completely in the hands of the Mannequin."

It's based on the Restrained Life Viewer, so you'll want to get that from if you don't have it yet.

The Mannequin is a bit unsettling to me - the missing arms and legs.

It's a creative answer to the bondage question, but... well, you will either love it or not, but I can't see it leaving you indifferent.

As Bettie says... have fun!

Time for a new toy, and this one is for all you Mannequin lovers out there.

The Mannequin is something completely new to me, i love doll play but this one takes it to a complete new level.

With the kit you get 3 torso sizes, 1 head, a hud and a reference shape which makes wearing the stand easy.

Yes you read that right, you wear the stand so no problems with rezzing it.

As you can imagine this works with the RLV viewers and really restricts, but that's just half the fun.

There are two things that really make this thing special:

1. the teleport option, this will transport the mannequin randomly to a maximum of 20 places,

2. the voting system, which lets people around you vote if your time restricted will be shortened or lengthened.

More than enough things to keep a dolly happy for hours, days, weeks, maybe even months.

Name : Doll Life
Owner : Bettie Binder


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