Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Elixir - Serpent

As I promised in our last Elixir post, here's some fashions for the boys : an extremely neat outfit called Serpent, modeled by Seph Ishelwood, one of the friendly models we met during LFFW.

(Seph is dependable and zero-fuss : I recommend him wholeheartedly.)

Elixir has a space theme, as well as fetish. I'd say this is the perfect outfit for a slave boy on a space station.. but you'll have to supply your space shoes, none are included. ;)

Beautifully detailed textures, the top in 3 clothes layers so you have options. Numerous colors, as you can see in the ad we snagged.

This store is definitely worth a visit. Tell them lelo sent you, that ought to confuse them.

lelo:Great use of texturing and prims in this one and an amazing fresh design from Khorus Magne.

The pads in the texture give the clothes a good 3D look, i had to really zoom in to check if he hadn't used prims.

The cutouts are really revealing and give the outfit a very sexy look, first time i see a good sexy outfit for men in SL, could be i didn't give them that much attention till now. *winks*

The thing that really stands out with this outfit, no not that part, are the prim leggings which give the outfit it's unique look.

So guys, if you want to show your sexy side get one of these, the girls will love it, well i do anyway... *smiles*

Name : Elixir
Owner : Khorus Magne


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